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Social networking & collaboration

Connect, collaborate, engage and share information with co-workers, colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Engage employees with integrated polls, quizzes, questions and competitions. Communicate efficiently and with ease! Shout out to one team, multiple teams, or just a colleague. Share documents, images, hyperlinks, emotions, ...



Todo, task, user story & support ticket management

Never be overwhelmed anymore with todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets but be on top of them. With Todosion you get your todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets done in a swift and highly efficient manner. Manage your workload with Todosion: create, plan, prioritize, assign, organize, control, and manage your todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets.



Project, sprint & release management 

Get a head start with managing your projects. Create, organise, and plan your projects using your favorite methodology, be it Agile, Waterfall or IPLS. Track the progress with kanban, scrum boards, and burndown charts. Manage sprint overviews, backlog, release and change management.



Timesheet, employee well-being (Niko Niko) & holiday management

Manage and update timesheets, handle holiday and leave requests, and keep track of your employees' well-being thanks to their daily Niko Niko status update. Use the QR code scanning to start/stop working or adding a topic to your timesheets.



Process, workflow & repetitive task management

Standardize, manage, document and control your recurring company processes, workflows and repetitive tasks. Turn them into a step by step sequence and manage them with a clear and handy checklist. Prevent reinventing the wheel each time a process needs to be executed and secure your company's process knowledge with Sequencion.



Training and competence management

Organise and professionalize your training program, boost and manage your employees’ skills and competences. Trenion is a powerful learning management system (LMS) to create, plan and follow-up training sessions, assign trainers and interact directly with participants. Invite participants based on competences, experience, … and manage their competences and skills in the integrated competence and skills centre.


KPI, reporting, data and customer feedback management

Define and track the KPIs of your projects or teams. Generate and analyse all kinds of reports. Centralise your project data, create meeting minutes and use the questionnaire feature to gather valuable feedback from customers, team members, stakeholders, ... Essencion brings you the essence of your projects, teams and organisation.



Testing & quality management and monitoring

Create and define test cases, execute them and gather all test results in one central location. Group test cases in test suites and make test suite templates for all kinds of test and quality activities. Get control of your test and quality management with Testcasion.



Prospects, leads and customer relationship management (CRM) 

Identify potential customers, create target lists, keep all customer data centralised and accessible for your team(s), manage and track sales activtities, ... Inginion brings back the core and basics of customer, lead and prospect management. Become a sales genius with Inginion.


The Core

The Lienion central 'core' management, configuration and customization app

Manage, customize, configure and control all your Lienion apps with The Core! Define user and access rights, configure and manage the app settings, manage your users, teams, projects and groups, manage the central dashboard and message board, …


Features and apps loved by our users

We asked some of our users which Lienion feature or Lienion appp they love the most. Find out!

Features or apps loved by our users
Todos added by me in Todosion
Sowmya D, finance director

I love the ‘Todos added by me’ feature in Todosion. And there is a simple reason for it.

As a finance director I am assigning many todos to me team members. With the ‘Todos added by me’ feature I can see in an instance the status of the work I delegated. And I never forget that I assigned work (which happened in the past often when I sent tasks via email).

Features or apps loved by our users
The quiz feature of Shoution
Pierre L, team lead development

One of the features of Lienion I love the most is the quiz feature of Shoution.

As a team lead development, I use this quiz feature to challenge and increase the knowledge and skill building of my team members. Every 2 weeks I organise a quiz focused on another topic (e.g. security, coding standards, …). And my team loves it!

Features or apps loved by our users
Backlog management in Releasion
Olivia A, scrum master

One of my favourite features is the backlog management of Releasion.

I am a scrum master and I need to keep track of all user stories that still need to be done on sprint but also project or product level. The backlog management of Releasion on sprint and project (product) level really helps me in doing so.

A spotlight on some features

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Drag & drop user stories on the Scrum board in Releasion

You follow the agile methodology and want to track and update the progress of a sprint on a Scrum board?

With Releasion you can change the status of your user stories on a Scrum board with drag & drop!

Feature in the spotlight
Add your digital post-its (so-called notes) in Lienion

You have something you do not want to forget?

Create in Lienion a digital post-it (a note) in an instance. Define the colour and the priority of your digital post-it. Turn a digital post-it in a todo in 2 clicks.

Feature in the spotlight
Create customer feedback questionnaires in Essencion

You want to get feedback of your customers or stakeholders? Create a feedback questionnaire in Essencion, send it to your customers and stakeholders and get instant feedback!