Discover Lienion
The right app for the right process

Yes, you may have noticed it: the name Lienion refers to 'Lean'. Lean is a methodology that focuses on key processes in an organisation and aims to eliminate all waste out of these processes to improve efficiency and quality. And that's exactly why Lienion exists out of different apps. Each app has its own dedicated focus on a specific key process whether it is communication, collaboration, todo & task management, process or time management, ... 

Discover the different Lienion apps!

Share, collaborate and communicate with Shoution. 

Create, assign and manage todos, stories and tasks with Todosion.

Manage your projects the Agile/scrum or waterfall way with Releasion.

Standardize and control your processes and tasks with check lists and get instant validation with Sequencion.

Add timesheets and manage your holiday request and approval processes with Tempion.

Manage your quality, test cases and test suites with Testcasion.